Tony is the son every parent would want.  Both Kim and myself feel like we are blessed to have him.   He is a typical twenty year old.  A sophomore at UNCW (University of North Carolina at Wilmington).
  Tony has Pledged a Fraternity at UNCW.  He is a proud member of Sigma Nu. Other than spending time with his friends Tony is a car enthusiast.  His camaro is his pride and joy and he has spent many hours working on it and trying to keep it on the road.    
   Tony was born in October of 1989,as a matter of fact the Earth shook when Tony was born.  Where were you on the day of the San Francisco World Series earthquake?  That day also happened to be our wedding anniversary.  I must admit SO00170_.WMF (8770 bytes)He was the best anniversary present that Kim ever gave me. 

Here are some photos of Tony if you care to see them..