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   Welcome to my thought page.  If you have found your way here than you have been exploring my site.(I hope you have found it interesting).

   On this page I would like to express some of my thoughts on "Life, Love and anything else that I feel like." 

  • I would like to start by telling the world what a lucky guy I am.  I have had a charmed life in many ways and thank God every day for what He has given me.  My wife and children are a blessing by anyone's standards.  We live a comfortable life in a tight nit  neighborhood where you know you can ask a favor or just drop by unannounced.  Both my wife (who is a major Babe), myself and our kids have enjoyed good health and have found many ways to enjoy the simple things in life.
  • As we grow older we realize the important things in life are often not the things that once seemed like the the only things of importance.
  • I wish I had a way of expressing to my parents how much they mean to me.  They are both alive and well and we have a wonderful relationship, however, now that I am a parent I feel a closeness to them that is based on a higher level than before.  I often wondered how they could have stuck by me thew my "Rebellious Years" but now that I have my on children I wonder how I ever doubted them.
  • My life has been blessed by a "Soul mate".  I see other married couples and wonder if they have what I too often take for granted.  I could not imagine my life without this wonderful woman whom I share it with.
  • Lastly I want to thank my many "Old Friends" many whom know me better than I know myself.  In this fast pace and disruptive world it is nice to know that you have friends that you can count on and spend time with without pretense or assumptions.

    I have a few thoughts that I would like to make available to everyone.  This is nothing that will change the world but I do think they deserve to be heard.

    • One of my old and dear friends and I were walking along the beach.  We were talking about the birth of his daughter.  I told him my thoughts on becoming a father. "When your child is born you have more love.  You still love your wife as much or more than before but now you have this entire new and wonderful type of love to share with the world".   Any parent knows exactly what I mean.
    • My father was sick this last year.  I visited him in the hospital and saw this man whom I cared so much about looking very  weak.  I saw that my father now looked more like my Grandfather than I ever realized.  I also understood that the mental image of my Father that I always carried with me was of him at an age that I have reached.
    • I have met many people who are not Christians, but I do not think I have ever met anyone who does not believe that their is "SOMETHING" out their greater than us.
    • A man told me something once that I feel is very true.  He said " People my not believe what you say, but they will believe what you do". 
    • Being willing to work hard to achieve a goal does more to make one successful than anything else.  However, to often we spend our lives working toward goals that only lead to more hard work.
    • My daughter has taught me how important it is to "pick your battles"--I just wish I did not have so many choices...
    • Watching your son hit a home run is better than almost anything.
    • When a little girl runs up to you and yells"Daddy" and gives you a hug--even a hard man will feel it in his heart.

    I hope that you enjoyed this page and will share it with others. Chuck 


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