Here are a few pages dedicated to my wife, Kim.  She has many interests, besides being a great mother, a runner, and a Flight Attendant, she also enjoys her saltwater Aquarium.  Kim is very creative.  Check out her Jewelry by Design page.

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She loves animals of all kinds and we would have a house full if I would oblige her.  She once drove 1&1/2 hours on Mothers day to try to save a baby blue bird that a cat had injured.  

Kim and the Kids

(Here she is at Christmas with our kids
Tony and Kathrine)

  Kim is truly my other half.  I say that because without her I would not be whole.  We have a good life together with all of the worries of most baby boomer couples, however I do feel that we are in a select group of lucky couples who have found a way to stay "In Love" while conducting the day to day rituals of raising a family and earning a living. ( Not to mention getting older) 


  • This first page is a few pictures from "our early years" before Marriage and Kids.
  • The next page is from our wedding ...bells.GIF (5696 bytes)