Kathrines Life.Com


"Welcome to my Life. Here, you can learn lots of fun stuff about me, 

  • I am eleven years old
  • I am going into seventh grade.
  • I live in North Carolina
  • This is my first web page (I hope you like it.)
  • I am a very good singer.
  • I collect keepsake boxes.
  • When I was six  my wish came true when I got my dog."  
  • Check out Middle Earth

"His name is Ruddy and here is a picture of him."Rudy

"Here is a picture of me...Kathrine_school_photo.jpg (5551 bytes)My Dad thinks I am beautiful..."
a rainbow   :Here is one of my drawing."

drawing 1.jpg (21096 bytes):Here is another one.

Family_at_Christmas.jpg (17121 bytes)

"Here is my Family..Including My Grand Ma and PaPa..But not Rudy..or Rocky (our Cat)..."

If you adore dogs --send me an E-mail and You can join my club--